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Warehouse 13 Age Before Beauty Age Before Beauty

Air date: Tuesday July 27, 2010
Title: Age Before Beauty
Summary: Super models age 50 years in moments, and Pete and Myka must figure who is responsible, and what artifact they are employing.
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Warehouse 13 Beyond Our Control Season 2 Episode 3

Air date: Tuesday July 20, 2010
Title: Beyond Our Control
Summary: An artifact strikes close to home when the town near the Warehouse is plagued by an outbreak of B movie characters.
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Warehouse 13 Mild Mannered Season 2 Episode 2

Air date: Tuesday July 13, 2010
Title: Mild Mannered
Summary: The team goes after an item that can turn individuals into superheroes… or supervillains.
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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 1 Time Will Tell

Release date: Tuesday July 6, 2010
Title: Time Will Tell
Summary: MacPherson has blown Artie to smithereens, and disappeared. Is Leena really a traitor? Where has Claudia gone? How will Pete, Myka and the Warehouse fare without Artie? What other havoc did MacPherson wreak when he was alone in the Warehouse? And is there yet a new villain on the horizon?
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