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The Real L Word Episode 8

Air date: Sunday August 8, 2010
Title: Runaway Bride
Summary: Rose makes plans to meet up with her ex-girlfriend after leaving Natalie at the club. Rose’s mother also re-enters her life after the two have gone months without speaking. Whitney has to face the fallout from her actions at the house party, and things are further complicated with Sara moving to L.A. in a few days. Nikki finally convinces Jill to book the Malibu house for their wedding location, and the couple starts dance lessons in preparation for the big day. Tracy celebrates her 30th birthday and is thrilled by a surprise visit from her mother, but Tracy isn’t convinced that her mother is completely ready to embrace her lifestyle. Mikey handles the last minute snafus to put on an amazing show at L.A. Fashion Weekend and has a trick up her sleeve.
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The Real L Word Episode 7

Air date: Sunday August 1, 2010
Title: It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To
Summary: Mikey is stressed out as L.A. Fashion Week approaches. Nikki and Jill call in an interior decorator as they prepare to host their first Passover Seder, but the scope of the project quickly expands. Whitney and Tor try to work out their tension with a game of paintball, but Whitney’s relationship confusion continues when Romi shows up at her house party the following day. Rose is devastated when her grandmother is rushed to the hospital. Tracy visits a psychic and learns some surprising information about her past, then calls her mother to share the news.
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The Real L Word Family Ties Episode 6

Air date: Sunday July 25, 2010
Title: Family Ties
Summary: Rose dines with Natalie’s mother and they hit it off nicely, but Natalie later shares some disconcerting news about her mother. Meanwhile, Tracy discovers that her mother has enjoined her sister Amy to glean information about Stamie. Jill and Nikki scout Malibu wedding locations hoping to find an affordable site. Jealousy rears its head when Whitney learns Tor has been seeing someone.And no-show editors at Mikey’s New York press event lead her to hit the bottle a little too hard.
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The Real L Word Season 1 Episode 5 Free Pass

Air date: Sunday July 18, 2010
Title: Free Pass
Summary: Whitney travels to San Francisco to visit Sara but begins to feel insecure when Sara talks about her fondness for unattached hookups. Natalie’s frustration about quitting her job causes her to get into an argument with Rose at a family gathering. Nikki and Jill continue to work on wedding plans while watching their budget, but one of them is left without a dress for the big day. Mikey works to close a big deal that will provide her with the money to rent an outdoor space for L.A. Fashion Weekend. Tracy continues to struggle with her mom’s disapproval of her lifestyle and her relationship with Stamie.
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The Real L Word Episode 4 Gambling With Love


Release date: Sunday July 11, 2010
Title: Gambling With Love
Summary: Mikey hits the road to Las Vegas for a fashion tradeshow and checks into a pimped out penthouse suite. When Raquel calls to say she’s catching the next flight to Sin City, Mikey gives her assistants an unexpected new task – booking a wedding chapel. Now, if only Raquel can make her flight…
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The Real L Word Episode 3

Release date: Sunday July 4, 2010
Title: Bromance
Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day! Rose and Natalie go on a romantic getaway, and Jill enlists the help of her friend Derek to help in pick the perfect gift for Nikki. Nikki treats Jill to private dance lessons to prepare for the first dance at their wedding.
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The Real L Word Season 1 Episode 1

Air date: Sunday June 20, 2010
Title: Episode 1
Summary: Tracey has recently come out of the closet and announced that she is gay, but has a hard time when her mom isn’t very supportive. Meanwhile, Whitney’s ex comes to L.A. Elsewhere Nikki and Jill plan there wedding.
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