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The Closer Heart Attack Season 6 Episode 5

Air date: Monday August 9, 2010
Title: Heart Attack
Summary: Detective Mendoza requests the help of the squad because it is believed a drug cartel may have returned to the city.
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The Closer Layover Season 6 Episode 4

Air date: Monday August 2, 2010
Title: Layover
Summary: Provenza is busy to escorting a prisoner his trouble is only beginning after finding a dead body in the condo of his flight attendant girlfriend. Brenda makes a decision about her career and tells Pope about it.
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The Closer In Custody Season 6 Episode 3

Air date: Monday July 26, 2010
Title: In Custody
Summary: As the squad is busy looking into a suicide they also get into the middle of the dispute between a dying husband and his wife who is addicted to crystal meth. Meanwhile Pope is one of many applicants for the chief of police job but may not realize that Brenda may have a say in whether or not he can have the job.
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The Closer Season 6 Episode 2 Help Wanted

Air date: Monday July 19, 2010
Title: Help Wanted
Summary: Brenda and her squad must find out why a nanny disappeared and if the mayor’s friends were somehow connected to the disappearance. Capt. Raydor joins Brenda in the investigation, but when Brenda finds out the real reason why, it could mean a new job for Brenda.
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The Closer Season 6 Episode 1 The Big Bang

Release date: Monday July 12, 2010
Title: The Big Bang
Summary: In the first episode of season six the investigation into the murder a man who loved to take pictures of celebrities from the privacy of his own balcony, Brenda & the squad think their maybe a connection close to the woman who was having an affair with him. There is one problem Brenda might not have anticipated a missing murder weapon and moving into a new office.
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