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Plain Jane Episode 3 Do Over Jane

Air date: August 11, 2010
Title: Do Over Jane
Summary: Louise works her magic on a small-town farm girl who’s moved to Hollywood to become a writer. This “Jane” works at a coffee shop by day and spends her nights hunkered over her laptop writing and dreaming. Her mind often returns to an awkward movie date she had a few months ago. With Louise’s help she will be transformed to an undeniable beauty with style and grace. After dreaming about a second chance, will this “Jane” finally get her man?
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Plain Jane Season 1 Episode 2 No Risk Jane

Air date: August 04, 2010
Title: No Risk Jane
Summary: From skydiving to speed dating, Louise yanks a USC student out of her comfort zone, helping this “Jane” to open up and gain the courage to tell her crush how she really feels.
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