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Jonas LA Season 2 Episode 5

Air date: Sunday July 25, 2010
Title: America’s Sweethearts
Summary: Stella tries to play it cool when she hears that Joe and Vanessa will be sharing a kiss for a “Forever April” photo shoot, but her facade quickly melts after she learns that Vanessa has feelings for Joe. In exchange for the secret of being a great director, Mona gives Kevin the impossible task of combing the beach to find a missing piece of jewelry.
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Jonas LA Season 2 Episode 4

Release date: Sunday July 11, 2010
Title: And… Action
Summary: Joe and Kevin get off to a rough start with Director Mona Klein (Debi Mazar) after they show up late for Joe’s first day of production on his new movie.
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Jonas LA Date Expectations Season 2 Episode 3

Release date: Sunday July 4, 2010
Title: Date Expectations
Summary: Stella goes on a date with a new friend, Ben, to make Joe jealous. Meanwhile, Kevin and Nick prepare for a celebrity Ping-Pong tournament.
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Jonas L.A. House Party Season 2 Episode 1

Air date: Sunday June 20, 2010
Title: Sunday June 20, 2010
Summary: The boys arrive in Los Angeles and decide to throw a swanky Hollywood bash to celebrate.
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