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Hell’s Kitchen HK7: Day Two 15 Chefs Compete

Release date: Tuesday June 8, 2010
Title: 15 Chefs Compete
Summary: Both teams are challenged to prepare eggs four different way. The team that cooks the most eggs properly wins a helicopter ride over Los Angeles. Meanwhile, an argument between one of the chefs and Chef Ramsay during dinner service causes one team to crash and burn.
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Hell’s Kitchen Season 7 Episode 1 16 Chefs Compete

Air date: June 01, 2010
Title: 16 Chefs Compete
Summary: Chef Ramsay kicks off the new season of HELL’S KITCHEN by announcing that this new batch of contestants will – against all odds – successfully complete the opening night’s dinner service. He then divides the 16 chefs into two teams – women vs. men – and sends them to the kitchen to create their signature dishes. After the presentation of the dishes, Ramsay sends the chefs back to the dorms to study the restaurant menu and watch a special HELL’S KITCHEN instructional video. During the dinner service, however, things do not go as smoothly as Chef Ramsay had hoped, and he takes some drastic measures.
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