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Eureka Momstrosity Season 4 Episode 6

Air date: Friday August 13, 2010
Title: Momstrosity
Summary: The guys are happy campers until something tries to ruin their tip.
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Eureka Crossing Over Season 4 Episode 5

Air date: Friday August 6, 2010
Title: Crossing Over
Summary: Claudia Donovan visits Eureka to see if Fargo’s promises of wondrous devices are true, but she finds herself in the middle of a mystery suitable for Warehouse 13 when objects begin to appear randomly around the town and GD, and it must be solved before there are deadly consequences.
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Eureka The Story of O2 Season 4 Episode 4

Air date: Friday July 30, 2010
Title: The Story of O2
Summary: As Eureka celebrates Space Week, Dr. Ramsey unveils his cutting edge invention that could allow colonization of Mars. Unfortunately, a slight malfunction may cause it to incinerate Eureka before the dream is realized. Equally bad is that Eureka’s go-to guy for crisis intervention has just gone to Boston to visit his daughter at Harvard.
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Eureka Season 4 Episode 3 All the Rage

Air date: Friday July 23, 2010
Title: All the Rage
Summary: Dr. Isaac Parrish, the brilliant director of the Non-lethal Weapons Lab, is feeling a little undervalued these days. Then all his latent hostility goes viral, infecting everyone with such fury that no one is safe, especially Fargo.
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Eureka Season 4 Episode 2 A New World

Air date: Friday July 16, 2010
Title: A New World
Summary: As the Founders’ Day festivities continue, Carter and the others must accustom themselves to the new time line and how Dr. Grant fits into it. Unfortunately, reacclimatization needs to occur on a steep learning curve—”Tiny”, one of Global Dynamic’s projects, has run amok in the crowded town.
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Eureka Season 4 Episode 1

Release date: Friday July 9, 2010
Title: Founder’s Day
Summary: The 60th anniversary of Eureka becomes life-changing in more ways than one when a marriage proposal is eclipsed by a mysterious transport to a military site and a new face in the crowd.
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