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Entourage Hair Season 7 Episode 6

Air date: Sunday August 8, 2010
Title: Hair
Summary: Ari prepares to battle with Lizzie; Vince puts his next movie in jeopardy with his antics; Turtle attempts to romance Alex; Billy Walsh returns and asks Eric about directing jobs.
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Entourage Bottoms Up Season 7 Episode 5

Air date: Sunday August 1, 2010
Title: Bottoms Up
Summary: Vince is impressed by porn star Sasha Grey; Ari woos new clients; Turtle wants Vince to become the face of his new venture; Drama is anxious about his new series.
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Entourage Season 7 Episode 4 Tequila Sunrise

Air date: Sunday July 25, 2010
Title: Tequila Sunrise
Summary: Turtle gets a south-of-the-border business pitch from Alex, but has a hard time believing he isn’t being used. Drama enlists Bob Saget to help him smooth out a rough first impression with John Stamos, a potential sitcom co-star. Ari’s euphoria after making an NFL pitch to a group of Hollywood high rollers is tempered when he learns that Lizzie may be siphoning off some of his prized clients. Eric and Scott patch up their differences with an eye on Vince’s future – and the shared success of their company.
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Entourage Season 7 Episode 3 Dramedy

Air date: Sunday July 18, 2010
Title: Dramedy
Summary: Envisioning the possibilities in a partial script written by an old-school scribe, Eric and Phil try to convince Drama that he has talent on the sitcom front. Ari resists Barbara’s urgings to have Lizzie promoted at TMA. With his car-service business in shambles, Turtle is intrigued by a business proposal from a suddenly sympathetic Alex. Scott Lavin continues to ingratiate himself with Vince following a wine-auction road trip, rankling Eric in the process.
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Entourage Season 7 Episode 2 Buzzed

Release date: Sunday July 11, 2010
Title: Buzzed
Summary: In the midst of a public relations crisis over Vince’s movie, Ari has a face-to-face with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and other top NFL figures, and gets unexpected help from black-sheep agent Lizzie Grant (Autumn Reeser). At Vince’s behest, Eric agrees to help Drama find the perfect script. Turtle ends up with egg on his face when he accuses Alex of maxing out his corporate credit card. Sporting a bold new look, Vince takes his risk-taking proclivities to new heights.
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Entourage Season 7 Episode 1 Stunted

Release date: Sunday June 27, 2010
Title: Stunted
Summary: The director of Vince’s latest action film talks his star into doing his own driving stunt, agitating both Eric and Ari. Turtle’s attraction to an underperforming employee named Alex threatens to damage his fledgling carservice business. Ari looks to add to his resume as “the biggest agent in the world” by eying an alliance with the NFL. Worried that his holding deal is about to expire, Drama pressures Lloyd, now his agent, to land him a project.
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