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Covert Affairs In the Light Episode 5

Air date: Tuesday August 10, 2010
Title: In the Light
Summary: In order to stop a weapons shipment, Annie asks a former operative for help and attracts Henry Wilcox’s and her former lover Ben Mercer’s attention.
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Covert Affairs No Quarter Episode 4

Air date: Tuesday August 3, 2010
Title: No Quarter
Summary: Annie needs Auggie’s help to return from Zurich where she is stranded with an untrustworthy Mossad agent. At the agency, Joan and Arthur suspect Auggie to be the CIA’s leak.
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Covert Affairs South Bound Suarez Episode 3

Air date: Tuesday July 27, 2010
Title: South Bound Suarez
Summary: Annie targets a college student to get information about a corrupt government official in Venezuela, but the murder of another agent who was involved in the investigation complicates her task.
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