The Karate kid (2010) Online Free

Air date: June 11, 2010
Title: The Karate kid
Summary: Twelve year old Dre Parker was a cool and popular kid in Detroit, Michigan until he moved to Beijing, China with her mother due to major career change. In their new home in Beijing, Dre was infatuated with Mei Ying. Dre and Mei Ying find it hard to form a solid friendship with each other because of their cultural differences and because Ying’s father does not approve of their relationship. To make matters worse, Dre’s attraction toward Mei Ying makes him the target of the infamous bully leader, Cheng, who gives Parker the nickname of “The Karate Kid” because to his severely limited knowledge of Karate.

Cheng and his cronies constantly throw Dre to the ground. Dre life in Beijing is pure misery until he meets Mr. Han, a Kung-Fu who helps him deal with the bullies and teach him with arts and secrets of Kung-fu.

Mr. Han is a eccentric mentor and a kung-fu master in secret, he teaches Parker kung-fu through unconventional, yet effective techniques to help make life in his new home an easier affair and hopefully stand up to the bullies. It involves training in places such as the Great Wall of China. The entire plot eventually builds up to a grand finale with Dre Parker battling against Cheng and his allies in a large scale Martial Arts Tournament.

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